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Looking for bat coloring pages? Find and save images about New Bat Coloring Pages Gallery ideas here.

See our gallery below. If you would like to download it, right click on the images and use the save image as menu.

bat coloring pages - 8 - j - Free Printable Bat Coloring Pages For Kids
bat coloring pages – Free Printable Bat Coloring Pages For Kids. Source:
bat coloring pages - 5 - d - Bat Coloring Page Halloween
bat coloring pages – Bat Coloring Page Halloween. Source:
bat coloring pages - 19 - l - Coloring Pages Winsome Bat 1 In Page bloodbrothers
bat coloring pages – Coloring Pages Winsome Bat 1 In Page bloodbrothers. Source:

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bat coloring pages - 1 - a - Epic Bat Coloring Page 87 In Print With And bloodbrothers
bat coloring pages – Epic Bat Coloring Page 87 In Print With And bloodbrothers. Source:
bat coloring pages - 15 - i - Bat coloring page Animals Town animals color sheet Bat
bat coloring pages – Bat coloring page Animals Town animals color sheet Bat. Source:
bat coloring pages - 16 - f - Inspirational Bat Coloring Page In Pages line Free A For Kids
bat coloring pages – Inspirational Bat Coloring Page In Pages line Free A For Kids. Source:
bat coloring pages - 12 - b - Simple Bat Coloring Page
bat coloring pages – Simple Bat Coloring Page. Source:
bat coloring pages - 2 - p - Bats coloring pages
bat coloring pages – Bats coloring pages. Source:

How to Make Printable Coloring Pages in Microsoft Word

It only takes moments to make a coloring page with any theme you prefer in Microsoft Word , as there are a wealth of images out there. These instructions will walk you through the task.

Microsoft Word is not only for the office anymore. In addition to writing letters and research reports, you can also use this versatile software in a number of other ways, including making your individual coloring pages. In the following steps, we’ll cover making coloring pages that you can print out, pre-made, on your personal home printer. The process is easy and quick, and also the variety of options is actually limitless.

Step 1: Open a fresh blank document in Microsoft Word.

Step 2: From the Insert tab for the Word ribbon, click the Clip Art button.

Step 3: The Clip Art panel should be visible around the right side of the application. First, expand the dropdown box under Results ought to be and uncheck everything but Clip Art. Although this step isn’t completely necessary, it is going to speed up your search time a bit.

Step 4: Next, expand the Search in dropdown list and select which locations you wish to include in your pursuit. In this example, I am leaving Everything checked to ensure that I can search as broad a range as possible. Note here, you will definately get far more results in case your computer is attached to the Internet when you will also have access to all with the clip art provided by Office Online.

Step 5: Enter some of what you wish to search for inside the Search box. Here, I’m just performing a general look for Christmas, but you can narrow this down should you be only considering images of reindeer, Christmas trees, or another type, for that matter.

Step 6: Select an image you prefer, and click on it. It will appear in the main portion of your document. Resize the image as needed either by dragging the borders from the picture to a fresh location or with the resizing technique explained here.

If the look you’ve chosen is a black and white outline, you’re done and can print the coloring page now. However, in case you selected a graphic with color, we have a few more steps to travel.

Step 7: With the image selected, open the Format tab under Picture Tools about the Word ribbon.

Step 8: Click around the down arrow next to Recolor to be expanded that menu, and judge the Grayscale option under Color Modes.

At this aspect, in case you are satisfied with the appearance of your coloring page, it is possible to stop and print it. However, sometimes the image may still be considered a little too dark. You can lighten it in the following step.

Step 9: Expand the Brightness menu, and adjust the brightness for a satisfaction. In this particular example, I chose to boost the brightness by 30%. The amount you choose will depend on the image you’re working with and your personal personal preferences.
Now, the coloring page is completed and ready to print. If you want a bit more variety, try adding several images to the same page. For some extra fun, print out the images on cardstock paper to ensure your hand-colored drawings could be sent out as holiday handmade cards, or use labels so that your kids can color their very own stickers.

If you’re interested in more Microsoft Word how-to’s, make sure to browse through the collection found here on Bright Hub’s Windows Channel. Learn finding and how to use Word templates, discover new solutions to work with tables, plus much more.